2 x 46° tilting range for maximum flexibility

With the possibility of tilting the saw blade of the MARTIN sliding table saw by 2 x 46° it is now up to the operator to decide how to machine a workpiece and not up to the machine. Regardless of whether it comes to the cutting quality, safety or time saving the T75 PreX makes it easy for you to decide which machine you should buy. It is easy to operate and you can decide how you want to set up the machine for the process to be performed.

The advantages at a glance
Safety: By keeping control over every step in the process, you minimize the risk of accident for you and your employees. You don‘t have to use makeshift jigs, fixtures and fences anymore. Just work the way you are used to and the way in which you feel the most secure.

The advantages at a glance Quality: With the T75 PreX you don‘t have to turn your workpiece over in order to make an angle cut. From now on the „good“ side will always be the top side. It does not matter whether you process solid wood or panel products; from now on tear-outs on the face side of your workpiece are a thing of the past.

Time: Adjustment and set-up times are reduced to a minimum with the T75 PreX. Regardless of whether it comes to time-consuming installation of certain jigs or fixtures or whether you simply need time to decide on how to best perform a compound cut. The machine is easy to operate and you can adjust it the way it is best suited for the job at hand.

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