Modern control system technology
The T75 PreX is also equipped with the efficient and user friendly touch screen controller, that has been a MARTIN standard since 2006. Step by step, the operator enters all the necessary parameters and is guided through the process by the controller. All the necessary adjustments are done automatically. This speeds up work and leads to a more intuitive understanding of the machine’s function by the operator. MARTIN developed the user interface in close cooperation with industrial graphic designers and machine operators. The operating logic is based on what woodworkers need. All relevant information is visible at a glance. The controller always boots up to the „HOME“ page where you get a quick overview on all the important settings like cutting height, cutting angle and fence positions.

Easy to operate
To enter a new value for a particular axis into the controller, just touch the respective number field. The screen immediately changes its input mode, enabling you to enter new numerical values. The numeric keypad not only indicates the minimum and maximum allowable input values that the machine will take, but also memorizes the last five input values for rapid recall. The integrated calculator can also be used if necessary. On the „HOME“ page, rapid access icons can be created and unused icons can be deleted. This way you can keep track of the current machine values.
For the precision calculation of your cuts and quick tool change you can store up to 100 different saw blades in the tool menu. A saw blade that has been stored once is immediately available and fully integrated in the controller. This way the 3-axis scoring unit automatically adjusts to the kerf of the main saw blade. Time consuming test cuts can be omitted almost completely and you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Powerful assistance
For performing special work on a sliding table saw like cutting grooves, rabbets and tongue-and groove joints, the MARTIN controller offers an efficient assistant. Step by step the operator enters all the necessary parameters and is guided through the work process by the controller. This way even untrained machine operators soon become experts.

Calculating for experts
The MARTIN controller also supports you when you have to calculate angle cuts, false mitre cuts or even specialized cuts for making European-style benches. With these intuitive calculation tools, even complex calculations can be made right the first time. You simply enter the measurements of the workpiece in the controller and it calculates the correct values for you.

Always up-to-date
A MARTIN machine is a safe and long-term investment since its controller can be updated as time marches on. We at MARTIN are continuously improving our software. The controllers can be upgraded in field with an USB stick. This way you always have access to new cutting aids or updates of existing applications. A profile for every individual user Customization of the controller is possible for over 25 languages using Latin/Cyrillic character sets. By defining individual user profiles (up to 10 depending on the size of the controller) the controller can not only be adapted to different languages but also to the professional experience of the individual machine operators. Different user profiles can be password protected so each machine operator can get restricted or unrestricted access to the menu items. This password protection of the user profiles prevents misuse by untrained employees increasing job safety and leading to more accurate results.

Support from the office
The machine can be connected to a computer by an optional data interface. This way the T75 PreX can be connected to the MARTIN editor or to other panel-cutting optimization software programs like ARDIS®, Boole&Partner®, Vlecad®, CAD-code® or PatternSystems®. With the optional CPOUT interface you can connect your machine to almost every software you like to use. This way the machine operator is guided through the work process very efficiently which leads to more accurate results and efficient use of the resources at hand.



Clearly arranged - the „Home“ page

Integrated tool conversion

Step by step cutting aid

Calculating quickly and easily

More security by individual user profiles

Panel optimisation - no problem
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