MARTIN ‘Moulding’ Editor

Getting started with modern setup and prep technology
Every optional 10.4 “ Touch-Screen (T2710-a) comes equipped with the MARTIN ‘Moulding’ Editor. This offers you an affordable way to get on board with modern setup and prep technology. The highly intuitive software helps the user to organise and manage everyday work preparation and setup processes with great efficiency.

Data transfer via USB or data cable
The data can be saved and then edited any time and, of course, it can also be transferred to the T27 itself. While the easiest way to transfer data to the machine is with a USB memory stick, the most comfortable way to manage data-transfer is via the optional peer-to-peer interface T2716-a, available as part of the expanded version of the Editor software.

All the advantages at a glance
In the setup and prep feature the following tasks can be carried out quickly and easily:

• Creating and saving program banks
• Creating and saving tool banks (tool data)
• Exporting the banks to Excel
• Importing Excel files that correspond with the MARTIN file format  
• Exporting/importing the data to/from a USB memory stick

Clearly laid-out tool administration

Program management on the computer
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