T60C – Automatic Sliding Table Saw with CE equipment

Part No.T60CA
NameT60C Automatic Sliding Table Saw with CE equipment
Description• With 3.5" control with panel located at eye level • Hand-wheel for adjustment of the rip fence from operating position, digital display included • Cutting width 1350 mm included • 3.5" TFT - Color screen in QVGA resolution with separate keyboard (27 buttons) • Electronically controlled cutting height and cutting angle, full integration of cutting height and cutting angle into the control and program memory; display resolution: 0.1 mm or 0.1°; repeatable accuracy ± 0.05 mm resp. ± 0.05° • digital display of cutting width in the control; resolution: 0.1 mm • Digital dimension specifications of cutting height and angle (controlled positioning of the motorised axes) as well as processes of the motorised axes in hold-to-run mode (processes of the axes per push-button) • Well-arranged display and intuitive operation of up to three axes at the HOME page • Calculation and digital display of the tool position (Cut height / cut angle) across from table and digitally recorded stops, based on saved tool data • Integrated software functionality
NoteSame features as for the T60C except for an electrically motorised rip fence which is also fully integrated in the control; repeatable accuracy ± 0.05 mm