T70 – 1.9 m pneumatic pressure bar

Part No.T7070/1-a
Name1.9 m pneumatic pressure bar
CategoryClamping devices
Description1.9 m pneumatic pressure bar, max. cutting length when the cross-cut fence is used in the front or the back position: 1,590 mm, 1 clamping element in use each 1,095 mm, max. length of the workpiece without cross-cut fence: sliding table length minus 160 mm
NotePneumatic pressure bar clamping deviceto safely clamp individual or stacked work pieces, depending on the version 1 to 3 different clamping areas can be used independently, this way the cross-cut fence can be set at several positions. Lifting height 100 mm, clamping pressure approx.. 800 N; max. workpiece length: sliding table length minus 160 mm